About Us

The Kidz Rock Awards, presented by the Black Kids Rock Organization and founded by National Association of Women in The Arts, Inc., is an annual awards show that is held in Atlanta, GA.  Awards are presented to talented kids and teens who are the best of the best in  STEM, Sports,the Arts and Entertainment, Academics and more!
 Individuals, artists, managers, talent agents, etc., may submit recordings to be nominated.   Nominations are made online and a physical copy of the work must be  sent to the Kidz Rock! Awards Office in Atlanta, Ga, or via email at: kidzrockawards@mail.com (Please note that it is MAIL.com).  Once a work is entered, reviewing sessions are held by experts from the arts and entertainment industries and or perspective fields,  to determine whether the work submitted is eligible and entered in the correct category for official nomination.   The resulting list is made public via www.KidzRockAwards.com website.   The five recordings that earn the most votes in each category become the nominees, while in some categories (craft and specialized categories) there are review committees in place that determine the final 5 nominees. There may be more than five nominees if there is a tie in the nomination process. If less than 5 potential nominees are in a category, the category will be deleted from the nominations for that year.
After nominees have been determined, voting ballots are made public. Voters are encouraged, but not required, to vote only in their fields of expertise. Ballots are tabulated secretly by an independent committee.   Following the tabulation of votes the winners are announced live at the Kidz Rock! Awards.   The recording with the most votes in a category wins, but it is possible to have a tie.  Winners are presented with the Kidz Rock! Award.   Nominees who do not win are given a medal for their nomination and participation.   Voters are required to vote based upon quality alone, and not to be influenced by sales, chart performance, personal friendships, regional preferences or company loyalty.  The acceptance of gifts to the committee is prohibited. Voters are urged to vote in a manner that preserves the integrity of the Kidz Rock! Awards.  The eligibility period for the 2018 Kidz Rock! Awards is January 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.
Candidates considered for nomination must be between the ages of 3 and 18 and submitted for consideration by producers or by the artist's agent and/or manager, parents, etc. There is a non-refundable submission fee required for each category.   Submissions are due by the end of June and nominees are announced live at the annual nomination celebration.
Kidz Rock! Awards was created to acknowledge young artists under the age of 18 at the time of principal production of the project for which they are nominated. Winners are selected by public voting. Winners are selected by secret ballot and made known live at the awards ceremony.  The ceremony is held annually in Atlanta and is one of the more formal children's awards ceremonies, with honorees and their chaperones "dressing up" for the occasion, walking the "Red Carpet", and arriving in limousines.
The press is invited to attend the pre-show Red Carpet arrivals as young celebrity attendees and nominees make their entrances and sign autographs.   Presenters are selected from the previous year's winners or from that year's list of nominees. There is a reception prior to and after the ceremony.  The awards will be taped for broadcast at a later date.