Benel Austin Valentin

2016 Kidpreneur of the Year  - “Boss N Awesome”

Benel Valentin graduated from Marietta Six grade Academy located in Marietta, GA and is currently attending Marietta Middle School as a 7th grader. He is member of the football for the school and plays the position of offensive player. 

 Benel recognized his entrepreneur skills at the age of nine. At that time, Benel created and formed the Boyz in Action Organization, where he helps the less fortunate by providing them with food and clothing.

Benel's 2nd company is “Boss N Awesome”.  He puts the trademarked slogan on products, clothing,  hats and much more.  

Benel is on the right track with his business as well as school.  He plans to take his business to the next level by next year by adding the Boss N Awesome slogan to more products, and by helping those less fortunate with his Boyz in Action organization.