Kimani Edwards

2016 Outstanding Writer of the Year - Monologue

2016 Outstanding Singer of the Year - The Cup Song

 2016 Outstanding Actor of the Year - Film, Theatre & Stage


·         Deprived(Mi’Key)-Stage Play by Second Chance Production-2016

·         Letters to God-Written by Sunny Aiken-Actors Prayer Breakfast-2016

·         Untitled Lee Daniels Music Pilot with Queen Latifah-Background Actress-2015

·         Jermaine Dupree & Queen Latifah’s Lifetime The Rap Game-Background Actress for Promotion-2015

·         A Meyers Christmas 2016 (portraying teenage Kimberly Elise)-Directed by David E. Talbert and Produced by Will Packer-Atlanta, GA-2015

·         Paradoxical Synchroxity (background actor)-Written & Directed by Brandon Scott McCall-Columbus, GA-2015


·         Hott Theatre-Lauren Hunt-Atlanta, GA 2015-present

·         Hardaway High School Advanced Drama-Columbus,GA 31907 2015-present

·         Studio Ninety-Two-Alima Industries Workshops-Atlanta, GA February 2015

·         Richards Middle School Advanced Chorus/Drama 2012-2015

·         Chorus-St. Mary’s Magnet Academy-Columbus, GA 2009-2012

·         EPWT Praise Team-Columbus, GA 2009-2016